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About us

The history of PT Noahtu Shipyard began in 1972 in the Tanjung Priok area, Jakarta. We started our business as a general service and trading company, including the shipyard business. The new shipyard business was really engaged in 1980 with the first project in the form of building a new pilot boat type vessel for offshore oil and gas companies.

Build for Indonesian

Throughout our journey, we have contributed to the nation and state by producing products that have been operating across the archipelago.

Noahtu is here to complement Indonesia as the largest archipelago in the world and a maritime country towards the World Maritime Axis. With a long history, Noahtu Shipyard has become one of the best shipyards in Indonesia.

Has Built
Hundreds of Ships

Noahtu Shipyard has completed the construction of hundreds of vessels of various types and sizes such as Roll-On Roll-Off, cargo vessel, tanker, patrol vessel, naval ship, fast patrol boat, tug boat, offshore and speed boat. The ships built and repaired are made of steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and aluminum.


At Noahtu Shipyard, vessels are built on a quality foundation. All vessels are fully designed and built in Indonesia. This guarantees a high quality, tailor-made product, developed as a direct result of a flexible and practical approach. Personal attention to clients' needs, listening to their requirements, understanding their business model, and open communication are fundamental to this process. Thus, we aim to optimize our clients' earning potential with new vessels.

"Empowering Maritime Excellence: Our vision is to be the global leader in shipbuilding and maritime solutions, renowned for innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled quality. We strive to continually push the boundaries of engineering, delivering cutting-edge vessels that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients. Through a commitment to environmental responsibility, employee development, and client satisfaction, we aim to shape the future of the maritime industry, setting new standards for excellence and reliability. Together, we navigate towards a sustainable and prosperous maritime world, connecting continents and enabling progress with our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and integrity."

Cutting Operator Noahtu

Mission Statement

Noahtu Shipyard's primary mission is to design and build specialized vessels for both inland and marine markets.The shipyard will be an independent and autonomous partner for customers and interested parties.

We will strive to add maximum value by using the disciplines that the company has and by focusing on the latest technology (both in design and production).Noahtu Shipyard is committed to having a customer-oriented and goal-driven approach where quality and flexibility are the cornerstones.

Some of our Clients

Indonesian Ministry of Finance
Indonesian Ministry of Defence
Indonesia State Police
Indonesian Ministry of Transportation
Indonesian Ministry of Maritime
Indonesian National Shipping Company