Docking Repair

Supported by complete facilities and an experienced workforce, Noahtu Shipyard is able to provide a wide range of ship repair and maintenance services such as: Hull Repairs, Ship Repairs, Propulsion System Maintenance, Engine and Ship Equipment Repairs, Electronics, and Piping Systems.


Selain itu, Noahtu Shipyard telah bekerja sama dengan TNI-AL, PT. ASDP, dan perusahaan swasta nasional lainnya, untuk memperluas pasar dalam jasa reparasi kapal.

To meet customer needs, Noahtu Shipyard continues to improve efficiency in timeliness for ship repairs to speed up time in the yard and reduce downtime.

Graving Dock Facility

Noahtu Shipyard’s Graving Dock is able to accept the repair of various types and types of ships up to 40,000 dead weight tonnage or equivalent to a ship with a capacity of 3,000 TEUs with specifications:


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